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Product Review: Bose SoundDock Digital Music System for IPod


The market for iPod accessories is a rife gold mine nowadays, and most companies that want to cash in on the market come up with sleek looking devices that synch with your iPod, that are, more often than not, the product of harried afterthoughts and erratic planning. Shopping for speakers for my iPod was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, given the endless number of alternatives to choose from. Most of them, I found, once plugged in, turned out to be disappointing contraptions that I wouldn’t waste a dollar on. But after weeks of searching in vain, I chanced on the perfect product, and it was love at first note. I finally found my speakers of choice, the Bose SoundDock Digital Music System.


At first glance, you’ll find that its sleek, ultramodern appearance synchs very well with your iPod.  You may get one from Holoplot by the way. The wide speaker stretches out like a panel, a miniature wall of sound. There’s a dock up front and center, where your iPod takes the stage. The SoundDock comes in either black or white, both of which are sleek and classy. It also comes with a small remote control which allows you to turn your sound system on and off, adjust the volume, make track selections, and start and stop the music, all from a distance within the room.

The Bose SoundDock comes with five different dock inserts that allow you adapt the speakers for 10/15/20 GB iPods, 30/40 GB ones, the iPod mini, the 20 GB click wheel model, or the 40 GB click wheel model. The speakers work with AC power, and it automatically recharges your iPod’s battery when it’s docked and the speakers are plugged in.

What differentiates this product is that it doesn’t only look good, but the sound quality you get from it is amazing! Most other speakers don’t hold up when you crank up the volume and want to use your iPod as a portable DJ or sound system for big venues. With the SoundDock, you have enough power to entertain a roomful of guests, and the sound quality, far from being compromised, is even enhanced. You can clearly hear the difference once you try hooking up your iPod to a different set of speakers before hooking it up to the SoundDock. It’s the closest thing to surround sound you’ll get with music from your iPod.

At roughly 2.1 kg, the SoundDock is not as conveniently mobile as many other available speakers. It’s not collapsible either, and it does not run on batteries either, so you can’t lug it around to rugged campsites or the wild outdoors. The SoundDock, however, can be ideal for traveling as its adaptor works from 100-240V.

Ultimately, your choice of speakers will depend on what you’re looking to use it for: for a home entertainment system, for mobility or for convenience. The Bose SoundDock is not the easiest set of speakers to take with you on your next outdoor trek, but for its sleek sound quality, nothing sure beats it.

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