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Education in Burnaby

                                    Education in Burnaby


Canadian education is widely regarded to be some of the best in the world. While big names in America tend to steal the thunder as far as higher education goes, Canada’s brasher neighbor cannot hold a candle to its public school system. The system of higher education also has many merits in spite of the fact that it is not as well known as other places in the world. One city where higher education is actually quite good is a city that many have not heard of, a city south of Vancouver called Burnaby where education has been a top priority for a very long time.

Public Schools

The public schooling system in Burnaby is notable because of the fact that it has such an emphasis on practical knowledge rather than a rote memorization of information. Burnaby is a multicultural city and yet maintains its small town vibe, so a lot of people in the city have a great idea of how simple life should be as well as how important knowing about the world is. Hence, Burnaby has managed to create a very important niche for itself, and the public schools in this city have managed to become some of the best in the world!

Simon Fraser University

Named after its founder, a genius that played a very important role in the creation and development of this city, Simon Fraser University is one of the finest institutes of higher learning in Canada. It is well regarded for the emphasis it places on application of knowledge, and there are a wide variety of courses offered here all of which can help broaden and strengthen the young mind! People from all over Canada come here to study and this university is particularly notable for being very welcoming to people that are older than usual university students who want to get back to their education.

British Columbia Institute of Technology

This university is for the more technically minded. Instead of providing a wide, general education, this university provides specialized knowledge about technology. This is becoming increasingly important in a world where technology is one of the most essential parts of our daily lives. Hence, people come to this university to further their careers, and with an institute that is this prestigious they are able to do this in no time at all! This is what makes Burnaby such a great option.


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