30 Jan

Companies Offering Medical Transcription Jobs

Spectra Medi hires experienced Medical Transcriptionists and Editors/Proofreaders for transcriptions, with both positions able to work from home entirely.

MedQuist hires for the position of Medical Transcripionist and a variety of other positions that can be performed from home.

CPR Technologies is a company employing remote-based Transcriptionists as well.

Rapid Transcript Inc. often has openings for home-based Medical Transcriptionists, with a relatively quick hiring process.

Scribes Online hires Medical Transcriptionists. They provide you with all of the necessary software and equipment you need in order to work for them.

Net Transcripts is a service company hiring for the similar position of at-home Word Processor.

Unlimited Transcription also hires Medical Transcriptionists from home on a regular basis.

Aside from medical opportunities, I also know some sites offering hospitality jobs london area and other industry-related works.

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