16 Feb

Use of Pet Medications on the Rise


Every day some people take a handful of pills – one for high blood pressure, one for high cholesterol, maybe even one for arthritis. The associated costs for prescription drugs can be costly. Imagine the family member that requires several medications is actually the family pet. More and more people are putting their pets on long term health care regimens, which often include prescriptions.
The Guffords in North Carolina spend a lot of time and money on their 12-year-old dog. Brownie is diabetic – he gets a blood sugar check and shot of insulin daily. He also takes pills, mixed into a bowl of tuna and canned carrots. Brownie has been medicated for several reasons in the past year: diabetes, infections, high blood pressure and upset stomach. He has also been medicated for anemia and a spider bite.

Brownie’s owner, Ann Gufford, told local press that “He’s our baby, he’s a family member, I would want somebody to do that for me.” Gufford has spent an estimated $5,000 keeping Brownie healthy.

Pets are now medicated as much as their owners, or more in some cases. They are medicated for the same health problems people have – arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes… Pets have even been medicated with Prozac or Valium. Owners sometimes get prescriptions for their pets filled at regular pharmacies, or even pay with health insurance.

Pet drugs are becoming big business. Americans spent $2.9 billion on pet drugs in 2005, increasing the market by half since 2000. The FDA has approved over 40 new drugs for pets in the past five years.

Your dog can now take diet pills like millions of Americans already do. Slentrol, the first approved ‘slenderizer’ for dogs, was approved in January. You can also place your pet on chemotherapy, which could cost $3,000 over three months.

As with human medication, some pet medications are discovered to be harmful. Rimadyl, originally for humans, was approved by the FDA to treat dogs’ arthritis. Rimadyl ended up causing kidney and liver damage, and has been linked to 3,000 pet deaths.

Pet medication is tested on a few hundred animals, so side effects may not be known until after they are on the market. Also, a drug may be fine for cats, but not dogs; or a drug could be dangerous to specific breeds. Over 700 drugs are used for pets even though they have not been approved for that purpose.

Pet health insurance is also becoming readily available. Veterinary Pet Insurance, based in California, currently has 400,000 policies. The premiums are about $30 per month. By 2010, the market could climb to $500 million.



Yahoo News

Thank you for reading up to this very end. For my next post, I will be discussing products for the skin. I will be starting with a vitamin c serum for face. I hope you stay tuned in this page for more information.

06 Feb

Best Toolbars and Browser Plugins for Web Designers

These toolbars and plugins are designed for Firefox 3. If you have not updated your Firefox Browser, you will need to before installing any of these plugins. These plugins are a must have for web designers. This guide will show you some of the most popular plugins for web designers. All of the plugins are located on the Mozilla website.

IE Tab 1.5.20090207

The IE Tab is a great plugin for web designers who want to see what their website will look like in Internet Explorer. This plugin will allow you to switch your Firefox Browser to Internet Explorer to see how it will look. Then you can click the tab again to switch it back to Firefox. This plugin is great because you don’t have to open IE and wait for it to load just to see what your site looks like in that browser.

CSSViewer 1.0.3

The CSSViewer plugin is a CSS Property Viewer. It installs on your right on your Firefox toolbar and with a click of the mouse, you can view the CSS Property of a site.

Font Finder 0.5d

Have you ever seen a font on a page and you really wanted to know what it was? With the Font Finder plugin, you can find any out what any font is. All you have to do is install the plugin. Then you highlight the text, right click on the text and click Font Finder. A window will open and give you’re the style information for that font. This is a really neat plugin to have if you are a web designer.

ColorZilla 2.0.2

ColorZilla is another cool plugin to have. Often as a web designer I have seen colors that I like and want the code for. In order to get the code for the color, I would have to open a graphics program that I use, let it load, and then get the code. With ColorZilla, all you have to do is take the dropper and click the color you want. Then the code will appear and you can copy it.

Screengrab 0.96.1

The Screengrab plugin is neat. It allows you to capture the entire web page that you are on. When you screenshot a page, you only get the part that is visible. With Screengrab, it captures the entire page, even the part that is not visible. This is a really cool plugin.

In my next post, I will discuss digital marketing and suggest you some helpful  digital marketing agencies.

30 Jan

Companies Offering Medical Transcription Jobs

Spectra Medi hires experienced Medical Transcriptionists and Editors/Proofreaders for transcriptions, with both positions able to work from home entirely.

MedQuist hires for the position of Medical Transcripionist and a variety of other positions that can be performed from home.

CPR Technologies is a company employing remote-based Transcriptionists as well.

Rapid Transcript Inc. often has openings for home-based Medical Transcriptionists, with a relatively quick hiring process.

Scribes Online hires Medical Transcriptionists. They provide you with all of the necessary software and equipment you need in order to work for them.

Net Transcripts is a service company hiring for the similar position of at-home Word Processor.

Unlimited Transcription also hires Medical Transcriptionists from home on a regular basis.

Aside from medical opportunities, I also know some sites offering hospitality jobs london area and other industry-related works.

27 Nov

My tips


When you decide to buy one thing, you need to research on it first.  But even before that, you have to know your needs. Do you really need it? Is it a necessity or just a want? Decide if it will benefit you or other people. If it will be an investment for the future, or an asset to help your business or whatever you do grow. Just like in choosing internet, you need to know the reasons why you are installing it.

Where you are installing it (like your location because internet signal is vital), its costs, installation costs and fees, and other things. After which, you need to test it first and see if it really fits you and your needs. Like hjaving a hosting website.  In this regard I usually trust my inticnt with najlepszy hosting whom I have been working with for years now.  Test for it for a couple of hours, even days, and see if it really works well for you.


If not, you might want to decided on choosing another or be open to other options in the future.  Remember, in every purchase, you do not just invest effort and money, you also invest on time which you cannot take back. Better to test its probability and its limitations than be frustrated in the future because it lacked initial research and test. Thanks and good luck! This also applies with looking for a new place. It is normal to be stressed at work. But being stressed due to a dozen of workload is different from being unhappy. One can enjoy doing work, even when deadlines, reports and meetings are being thrown at you simultaneosy without having the feeling of unhappiness. But if you are that person—who knows deep in her heart that you just let the day pass by, work on things without putting your heart into it, and probably just waiting for the next pay day, do yursef a favor and look for a place where you can find your purpose and passion. Maybe because you feel like facing a blank wall or a dead end where opportunities don’t grow. Or maybe Never fear failing. As long as you know that somewhere, there is a place where your potentials belong, go draft that letter and open your life with new opportunities.

02 Nov

Gift of God




An artist that she is, my mother believes that using the gifts that God has given to inspire and help other people is one way to be thankful and appreciate of His blessings. “Use your gift because if you use your gifts you’ll not only make yourself happy but you also bless others,” she said.

She leads in giving people livelihood through their family business by being their suppliers from the provinces, especially some members of Kidney Friends, an organization helping people undergoing dialysis.

“One of the things that we like about our business is that we help people have their livelihood, we help them in the designing and if they are persistent and industrious, and they keep coming back, eventually they would have a lot of things that they can sell to us,” she explained. They would help them with their designs in jewelries, collages, wallets, bookmarks and other interesting pieces which they buy from them every week.

She also added that common companies would usually import materials, thus decreasing the possibility of helping our countrymen. But for her, using their God’s given gift to help others is more meaningful than merely aiming profit for the business.

They’d make designs that not only empower and uplift Filipino nationalism but also interesting craft pieces that are environment-friendly through their use of recycled paper for stationary, and anything that leaves a minimal impact with nature.

While her siblings are into designing and tech stuff like nas server test and all, have other work outside the family business, she maintains her unique brown paper stationary line  and is juggling office and ministry work with collage and crayola etching in her free time. After work, she’d also spend time in her craft room coming up with new scrapbook layouts and other interesting artworks which she share in her blog.

My mother’s creativity and diverse imagination never drained from years of hard work in the business. Having such a close knitted family of artist, Patsy continues helping and inspiring other people, and of course, crafting the next signature design.


13 Oct

 Business as Usual


After the dreaded typhoon that destroyed almost a half of the town’s homes and establishments, we are now back in business after six months. Well, there may have been a few changes and we really lost a little from the storm, we were really devastated but we just get up and made thins better. Some of our goods were drenched with typhoon and some of the computers too.


We also lost our internet that time. This time, as we prepapre for a new chapter for our business, we are now more prepared. We have set up evacuation plans, as well as plans if another thing happens again in our area. As for our interent, I am happy that it is now back and we had wlan access point test already to check if we will have a nice signal for our operations. I wish everyone goodluck and we will have a little party coming in our events place next week. I have invited some of our clients and our customers and partners and I hope you can all be there. We got some booze and a brunches for all of you. See you there!

01 Oct

360 Cameras: A Review


I just bought a new camera my friend told me to buy. It is a 360 camera with very nice features. If you want a camera which can capture a full view, then buying this one is a must. It has a lot of features and it works well for amateur to professionals. It also comes with a very informative manual which lets you know almost everything you need to know about the product. I also love how they have a great customer service which answers all my queries in no time, this gives me the confidence and comfort that I can rely on them whenever I needed their help.


They reply promptly on my messages and they attend to my questions abruptly. My friend’s are also confident of their service which makes me more proud that I made the right decision in purchasing a new product. I am also thinking if I can buy my sister her own 360 grad kamera because I am always outside so I will be bringing along my camera with me. I also want her to know more about photography so I think buying her own camera will made a big impact on her studies. Next time, i will but her the best 360 camera in town!

21 Sep

A celebration


Last weekend we celebrated my mother’s brthday celebration on her hometown five hours from the city. We planned this momentous event a year ago and I can honestyl say it was really a successful one. I am also glad that the weather cooperated on this one. One month before the event, I decided to go in the town for the preapdation. I left my things in a nice storage solutions warehouse. I was actually a client for over a year now and they does not disapppint me yet. Anyway, so thete,I preapred for the party and it was a success. All her friends and otherfamily attended the event and we had a blast! I love how I saw my mother’s happiness and satisfaction and I am happy for her. I hope we celebrate more and more birtvdays with her.

22 Aug

Shopping Online for the Clan


We will have our gathering next year. It has been almost a decade since we last saw each other. I am now tasked to be in charge of everything and I am now thinking where to start. I have been in the events industry for about six years now and of course, I need to say I am a little used to managing projects already. Anyway, the reunion will be happening in a house near our village. About 100 relatives will come in the place. My relatives will come from different parts of the world and I know it will be quite difficult to send in invitations. Thanks to the advent of social media I will just message them on Facebook. I am now thinking what can be the best souvenir I can give them as I know something very relevant, timely, and significant should be given to every attendee. My cousin suggested I give out thebest wooden watches  for the reunion. I am know partnering with a wood watch brand to give me some discount as I will be buying in bulk. i am also looking into decorations for the venue and I think vintage classy theme will be perfect.

11 Jul

My Christmas WishList



Christmas is nearing already and i know a lot of people are now listing down the people they will give gifts and the ones they want to receive as well. My parents and my brothers and sisters knows me a lot. They know I love travelling gears. I have been into travelling for almost five years now and to tell you, all their gifts are all travel related. Even when not Christmas, say for Valentines or for my birthday, all they could come up are all travel related gifts. I’m not complaining by the way! I just realized they love sending me gifts like these. And so this coming Christmas, I decided to give them a list of what they can give me. Haha. More like suggesting them to veer away from travel gadgets, travel gears and all. Here is my list and if my parents and my family members are reading this, please feel free to choosee whatever you want to give to me as present.

  1. Laptop (for writing in my blog. I need to replace my old one)
  2. New camera (I think I need a new one too as my old one is having problems with shutter)
  3. Wrist watch (Leather watch or wooden watches maybe by Zegarki )
  4. New set of nail polish
  5. Some coffee beans
  6. Notebooks
  7. A nice pair of walking shoes for my city tours
  8. A good book (Dan Brown books please)
  9. Some vouchers for spa
  10. Or yoga membership is cool too!