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Sledding Safety Tips


According to today.com, sledding injuries in children are pretty serious. 21,000 children hit the Emergency Room every year due to sledding injuries, and 9% of those injuries are traumatic brain injuries that can be fatal. Who knew our favorite childhood sport could be so dangerous? While sledding isn’t as dangerous …

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Hike or Bike the Camp; O Canal Trail


  Maybe we all aren’t ready to conquer the Appalachian Trail, but the C amp; O Canal can offer us a great adventure with low risk and easy traveling. Located between Washington D.C. and Cumberland, Maryland, this trail is just a touch over 180 miles of slow, gentle ascent alongside …

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Winter Door Decorations


  Winter door decorations is a fun way to add to your winter home decorations. You may already have window decorations, centerpieces, and candle holders. So why not decorate your front or back door as well? You can decorate the inside or outside of your door for the winter season. …

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Dr. Alkaitis Raw Organic Skincare


Dr. Alkaitis’s motto is: “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your face.” Now, I won’t say that I’ve gone so far as to try to eat these products, but I can understand how someone might, in a pinch! This raw organic skincare line uses completely edible, unheated, …

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Exceptional Skincare in Suburban Philadelphia


Rometta Salon and Day Spa is situated in a stately Victorian building on the corner of Montgomery and Ashbourne Rd.s , in the heart of Elkins Park. This quaint, and welcoming environment is peopled by a warm and knowledgeable staff. The business has been in operation since 1997. It is …

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Miranda Lambert Announces Tour Dates


  A rising star in the country music genre, Miranda Lambert is poised to be named the top female country music singer with her seven Academy of Country Music Award nominations. Fans anxious to see her in person are in luck, as Miranda Lambert has just announced the tour dates …

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Time Management Tips

Everyone has felt at some point that there simply isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish all the things that they need to do, let alone indulge in the things they actually enjoy. Here are a few simple time management tips and techniques to help you manage your time …

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Use of Pet Medications on the Rise

  Every day some people take a handful of pills – one for high blood pressure, one for high cholesterol, maybe even one for arthritis. The associated costs for prescription drugs can be costly. Imagine the family member that requires several medications is actually the family pet. More and more …

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