06 May

Sledding Safety Tips



According to today.com, sledding injuries in children are pretty serious. 21,000 children hit the Emergency Room every year due to sledding injuries, and 9% of those injuries are traumatic brain injuries that can be fatal. Who knew our favorite childhood sport could be so dangerous?
While sledding isn’t as dangerous as, say, skateboarding, which amounts to about 61,000 children hitting the ER yearly, considering that most kids wear safety gear while skateboarding or bike riding but very rarely with sledding makes the need for sledding safety that much more apparent. Here are some tips on how to go sledding safely so your kids aren’t one of the unfortunate ER visits this year.

Younger kids should wear helmets while they are sledding. Sounds extreme, since we as kids never wore them, but you wouldn’t let your kids go bike riding without a helmet, would you? A sled in motion can go an average of 19 miles per hour in speed, faster than the kiddos on a bike, so a helmet for the younger kids at least can help keep injuries at a minimum while they are sledding.

Never pull a sled with a vehicle of any sort. This can be dangerous, as a sled in motion by a vehicle can go very fast and lose control, and can run into the vehicle or allow a child to even be run over. Only sled the old-fashioned way, via being pulled by a person in a controlled area or via going down a hill.

Don’t allow the kids to sled head first. Have them sit Indian-style in the sled or on their knees, not on their bellies with their head being the lead. If your child hits a tree, bump, rock, or another person and they are sledding head first, a serious brain injury could occur.

Go sledding in areas that aren’t highly populated by other sledders or people walking around to best avoid collisions. Choose an area to sled where there is no vehicle traffic or a lot of trees or debris that can cause a collision and injure a child. You want a clear, open space for sledding for the safest sledding fun.

Keep a first aid kit handy for bumps and bruises, and always keep an eye on the kids while they are sledding. What may look like an innocent wipe out in the snow could actually be a serious injury, and you want to be prepared and pay attention.

Sledding is great winter fun, but it should not be taken lightly. A childhood friend of mine went sledding one year and collided with another sled and suffered a brain injury that now has him drooling at home with his mother caring for him full time. It took a second for his entire life to be changed by one simple accident. Proper sledding safety can keep this from happening to other kids, and keep your own kids safe this winter.

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personal sledding safety use


17 Apr

Hike or Bike the Camp; O Canal Trail



Maybe we all aren’t ready to conquer the Appalachian Trail, but the C amp; O Canal can offer us a great adventure with low risk and easy traveling. Located between Washington D.C. and Cumberland, Maryland, this trail is just a touch over 180 miles of slow, gentle ascent alongside a historic canal.

Built out of the towpath alongside the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, the trail is an easy introduction to hike/bike trips. The trail is generally well maintained gravel and is about 8 feet wide through most of it. Keeping within a stone’s throw of the Potomac River the entire way, you can’t help but be caught up in the scenery for most of the trip.

I recommend this trip to beginners for a few reasons. First, there are ample resources along the route. Water is provided at every camp site, which is a huge bonus. Plus, campsites are only about 8-10 miles apart through most of the trail. It isn’t hilly, so covering ground is very easy for most hikers using backpack from The PNW, and the lack of hills lets bikers settle into a good cruising pace.

While you could run the whole trail on a cyclocross bike, a hard tail mountain bike is probably the ideal ride for the route. The trail is never difficult to ride on, but there are rocks and roots from time to time that will make you regret those tiny tires and stiff frames after 60 miles of riding. I rode the entire length and a return trip on my recumbent touring bicycle in 5 days, so it must not be too hard.

The density of camping sites is also great for casual walkers. There are places to enter and leave fairly commonly along the route, so it is easy to drop someone off and pick them up later in a different spot. It also means that in an emergency, you are likely to be close to a bail out spot where your emergency contact can pick you up. Remember, always have an emergency contact who knows where you are.

There are 5 or 6 distinct towns that are along the trail still. They were originally ports for the canal workers before the railroads came through and made them rail towns. Today, they still exist in smaller patches, diminished since the rail left, but you can still find food and shelter in most of them. If you are through-hiking, it may be worth taking a break and relaxing for an evening at one of those towns as well.

Abundance of towns, people, supplies, and campsites turns the C amp; O Canal into a great trip. Georgetown and Cumberland are both great places, so you have lots to look forward to on either end, and I hope you have as much fun on your trip as I did on mine!

10 Apr

Making Quick Decisions vs. Procrastination



Have you ever been in an interview for a job or position, or been asked about your ability to think and act quickly on the job? We are often evaluated on whether or not we tend to be procrastinators or whether we can jump in and get the job done (or make quick decisions and come up with creative solutions). The truth is, however, there can be benefits to both taking time to choose the correct course of action and being able to act quickly in the moment.

What is viewed as procrastination may actually be a tendency to want to take care and consideration before making a decision. Of course, there are those times when putting off making a decision is fueled by fear: the fear of making a mistake, the fear of moving too quickly or not having enough information to make a sound choice. However, other times, what is called procrastination can be a sound problem-solving choice or approach.

There is a time and place, however, for making quick decisions and jumping in to problem-solving mode without taking too much time to weigh all the options. When safety is at stake or in a business setting where NOT making a decision can result in more money being lost or a problem compounded, it is necessary to think quick and act just as quickly.

It is important to understand the culture of the company you work for or to assess the situation to get a feel for what is needed. If what is valued is careful movements or avoiding mistakes, then perhaps it is best to take one’s time to look over all pieces of a problem before making a decision. If you are looking into having a new service for your site, I do suggest you read some Canadian web hosting reviews first.  If what is valued is quick action, however, or the ability to process information and elements quickly and suggest a solution, you will need to work on your ability to do so. Make sure that when you are taking your time to look at all the pieces of a problem or puzzle, however, that you are NOT procrastinating. Using the information-gathering process to avoid making a choice or decision is not really problem-solving. It is a good idea to work on being a versatile person who can do both–take time for important decisions and think quickly when the situation warrants.

28 Mar

Winter Door Decorations



dfdWinter door decorations is a fun way to add to your winter home decorations. You may already have window decorations, centerpieces, and candle holders. So why not decorate your front or back door as well? You can decorate the inside or outside of your door for the winter season. You can use a door cover, doormat, or a door knob hanger! When browsing through the door decorations, you may find that some holiday decorations can be used even after the holidays are over!
You can find door decorations for the winter season in most online and offline stores that sell seasonal home decorations. The decorations and prices may vary per store, but they are all fun to use during the winter season. If you do not want to go out in the cold to get your door decorations, then you can order one offline and have it shipped and delivered to your home!

If you want to shop online for your decorations like nicely made wooden dinnerware, then here are a few of the winter door decorations found on Amazon. You may even find exact or similar decorations in other stores.

Let It Snow Winter Door Cover Decorations Pkg/1.
This winter door cover features an adorable snowman playing in the snow. At the top of the door cover is the phrase “Let It Snow” in big red letters! When you get your door cover, it is already assembled. This way you can hang it up right away. It measures at 30 inches by 5 feet and can be used inside and outside.

Peeking Snowman Winter Indoor Outdoor Doormat.
This winter doormat features a graphic of a pinecone, a cute snowman peeking out at you, and some holly berry. Under the graphics it reads “Welcome Friends”. This is great to use for the holidays or all winter long! It is weatherproof and has a non-slip recycled rubber backing. This doormat measures at 18 inches by 30 inches. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

New Snow Man Door Knob Hanging Christmas Decoration.
This snowman door knob hanger can be used during the holidays or the whole winter season. The snowman is wearing a black hat and red and green scarf. There is a hole in his hat for hanging the decoration on the door knob.

Disney Mickey’s Snow Fight Doormat Size: 18″ x 30″.
Disney and Mickey Mouse fans will love this winter doormat! It features Mickey Mouse in his blue winter gear playing in the snow. Watch out! He may throw a snowball at you! Next to Mickey reads the words “Welcome”. This doormat has a non-slip backing and measures at 18 inches by 30 inches.

Your family, friends, and neighbors will love looking at your winter door decorations! If one of your loved ones is unhappy about it being winter, you can always invite them to decorate with you! This is a nice way to cheer up someone who may be feeling down about this cold season.

If you have already decorated your home in a theme, then you can find door decorations to match! For example, you may have a snowman centerpiece, candle holder, and lights. So you can get the snowman doormat and/or doorknob hanger to match! You can also mix it up a little! This can include a snowman door cover, snowflake lights, moose candle holder, and holiday berry centerpiece.

Have fun decorating with the winter door decorations you choose! Enjoy the winter season!

20 Mar

Dr. Alkaitis Raw Organic Skincare



Dr. Alkaitis’s motto is: “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your face.” Now, I won’t say that I’ve gone so far as to try to eat these products, but I can understand how someone might, in a pinch! This raw organic skincare line uses completely edible, unheated, plant-based ingredients. The rules that apply to your diet should also apply to the products that you put on your body, because for better or worse, every lotion, every cleanser and every masque you put on your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream just like food. My friend from Kinderdagverblijf Leiden says she has this ongoing dilemma about skin. So I guess this article will help her. Most commercial cleansers use harsh detergents (sulfates) that strip the skin of its natural oil layer, and without it, toxins from lotions that contain carcinogenic preservatives (parabens) find it that much easier to penetrate the barrier of skin.
Dr. Alkaitis’s product line is based on aloe and extra virgin olive oil, a much gentler means of cleansing and moisturizing. I’ve been using them for several months now and I’m very impressed. Be aware that the fragrance of these natural products might take some getting used to, especially for people who are accustomed to commercial skincare with its synthetic fragrances. The entire Alkaitis line smells very earthy, very herbal. It’s almost a masculine scent, but it fades very quickly. I’ve learned to love it, and now I cannot stand the smell of synthetic fragrances. Below is an overview of the products I’ve tried from the Alkaitis line. I have oily skin with a tendency to break out, so according to the consultants at SaffronRouge.com, these products are the best for my skin type. But the beauty of these products is that they can work for many skin types, so don’t hesitate to try them.

Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser
This cleanser has a castille cleansing base, and uses shea, jojoba and coconut oils. The herbal skin repair complex includes such ingredients as chamomile, nettle, and sea wrack. It has a texture kind of like fruit preserves, and it goes on smoothly. It’s worth noting that this cleanser doesn’t bubble up like ordinary cleansers. It’s meant to exfoliate the skin without scratching it, which can often happen with sugar scrubs. It washes off cleanly without leaving the skin dry or tight.

Organic Herbal Toner
Best if used right after the cleanser. Its base is made from aloe vera, witch hazel and a combination of herbs, so it has a very strong scent, but it doesn’t last long. It’s recommended that you use your fingers to smooth this onto your face, without using a cotton ball. Unlike other astringent toners, this one also acts as a moisturizer, especially for oily skin types. It improves the circulation of blood in the skin, so after applying this, your face will have a healthy glow.

Organic Soothing Gel
Like the toner, this gel has a base of aloe vera and witch hazel, but it has a much thicker consistency. It can be used as an acne treatment for the whole face, or for individual trouble spots. Moisturizer is not necessary for most people after the use of this gel. It is an effective anti-inflammatory, so in addition to acne it can also be used for razor burn, rosacea, eczema, and as a balm after hair removal treatments.

I would say that the only drawback to these products is the price. I don’t mean to say that high quality products should cost the same as the toxic substances sold at Wal-Mart, but at roughly $50 per bottle, no one is exactly going to buy these on a whim. They do offer a travel kit with decently-sized samples, enough for a shopper to make an informed decision. You can order directly from the Alkaitis site or from SaffronRouge.com.

19 Mar

Exceptional Skincare in Suburban Philadelphia


pexels-photo-715829Rometta Salon and Day Spa is situated in a stately Victorian building on the corner of Montgomery and Ashbourne Rd.s , in the heart of Elkins Park. This quaint, and welcoming environment is peopled by a warm and knowledgeable staff. The business has been in operation since 1997. It is owned and maintained by Mimi Caruso, former vice president and general manager of Caruso Molecular Rollers, Inc.

The spa area, which is tucked toward the back of the building, houses a massage room, as well as a waxing area, esthetician’s space and a shower and dressing room.. This provides for a refreshing retreat. The décor is subtle and has a neoclassical feel. Soothing aromas waft throughout.

Vonnie Hammond is the resident Esthetician. She trained with The Landsdale school of Cosmetology, and has had 150 hours of postgraduate training with the Dermal Institute.Her approach to skincare is holistic, and well rounded. Her manner is calming as well as masterful. She employs a variety of techniques. Each service is tailored to meet the clients’ specific needs. One can expect a careful and precise skin analysis. The variety of products she uses, are soothing and highly effective. Vonnie specializes in the treatment of acne, incorporating several techniques including High frequency, which is a gentle electrical modality.

The facial experience itself is luxurious, and most relaxing. One feels well pampered and

tended to. The skin is thoroughly cleansed and nourished. A client is treated to a delicate and thorough massage of the neck, chest and shoulders. The face is purged of impurities, and nurtured with care. The end result is both invigorating and replenishing. A client is given the insight on how to specifically care for their skin. The products that are utilized and recommended are available for purchase upon checkout. This allows for careful maintenance, along with regularly scheduled treatments. Most clients are regulars, having rebooked after their initial treatments, in order to keep their faces aglow. Waxing services and make up sessions are also available, to round out and complete the beauty regimen. For facial use, you can check  derma roller amazon to have more youthful glow.

I would highly recommend Vonnies’ services to anyone. I have seen a great deal of improvement in my skin since she has begun treating me. There is a profound difference in the texture and clarity. I also eagerly look forward to this sense of periodic retreat. I schedule monthly and would suggest regular bookings for anybody who simply wants a soothing experience, or has ongoing skin issues. This is surely the remedy.

15 Mar

Product Review: Bose SoundDock Digital Music System for IPod



The market for iPod accessories is a rife gold mine nowadays, and most companies that want to cash in on the market come up with sleek looking devices that synch with your iPod, that are, more often than not, the product of harried afterthoughts and erratic planning. Shopping for speakers for my iPod was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, given the endless number of alternatives to choose from. Most of them, I found, once plugged in, turned out to be disappointing contraptions that I wouldn’t waste a dollar on. But after weeks of searching in vain, I chanced on the perfect product, and it was love at first note. I finally found my speakers of choice, the Bose SoundDock Digital Music System.


At first glance, you’ll find that its sleek, ultramodern appearance synchs very well with your iPod.  You may get one from Holoplot by the way. The wide speaker stretches out like a panel, a miniature wall of sound. There’s a dock up front and center, where your iPod takes the stage. The SoundDock comes in either black or white, both of which are sleek and classy. It also comes with a small remote control which allows you to turn your sound system on and off, adjust the volume, make track selections, and start and stop the music, all from a distance within the room.

The Bose SoundDock comes with five different dock inserts that allow you adapt the speakers for 10/15/20 GB iPods, 30/40 GB ones, the iPod mini, the 20 GB click wheel model, or the 40 GB click wheel model. The speakers work with AC power, and it automatically recharges your iPod’s battery when it’s docked and the speakers are plugged in.

What differentiates this product is that it doesn’t only look good, but the sound quality you get from it is amazing! Most other speakers don’t hold up when you crank up the volume and want to use your iPod as a portable DJ or sound system for big venues. With the SoundDock, you have enough power to entertain a roomful of guests, and the sound quality, far from being compromised, is even enhanced. You can clearly hear the difference once you try hooking up your iPod to a different set of speakers before hooking it up to the SoundDock. It’s the closest thing to surround sound you’ll get with music from your iPod.

At roughly 2.1 kg, the SoundDock is not as conveniently mobile as many other available speakers. It’s not collapsible either, and it does not run on batteries either, so you can’t lug it around to rugged campsites or the wild outdoors. The SoundDock, however, can be ideal for traveling as its adaptor works from 100-240V.

Ultimately, your choice of speakers will depend on what you’re looking to use it for: for a home entertainment system, for mobility or for convenience. The Bose SoundDock is not the easiest set of speakers to take with you on your next outdoor trek, but for its sleek sound quality, nothing sure beats it.

13 Mar

Miranda Lambert Announces Tour Dates



A rising star in the country music genre, Miranda Lambert is poised to be named the top female country music singer with her seven Academy of Country Music Award nominations. Fans anxious to see her in person are in luck, as Miranda Lambert has just announced the tour dates for her upcoming “Revolution Continues” tour. Joining Lambert on the tour are openers Justin Moore and Josh Kelley.
Here’s a list of the “Revolution Continues” tour dates:

February 24: St. Louis, MO @ Chaifetz Arena
25: Evansville, IN @ Roberts Stadium
26: Cedar Falls, IA @ McLeod Center

March 24: Fort Wayne, IN @ Allen County War Memorial
25: Pikeville, KY @ Eastern Kentucky Expo Center
26: Knoxville, TN @ Knoxville Civic Coliseum
27: Morgantown, WV

April 7: Norman, OK
8: Dodge City, KS
9: Lincoln, NE
14: Estero, FL
15: St. Augustine, FL
16: Melbourne, FL

Miranda Lambert also has some non-tour dates coming up, including several shows in Australia with Alan Jackson March 4-12 and solo shows February 16 in San Antonio, February 18-19 in Ft. Worth, and March 16 in Houston.

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06 Mar

Time Management Tips

Everyone has felt at some point that there simply isn’t enough time in the day to accomplish all the things that they need to do, let alone indulge in the things they actually enjoy. Here are a few simple time management tips and techniques to help you manage your time more efficiently to eliminate stress and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Take some time to plan and organize and use a academic diary. It may seem counterintuitive at first, but spending a few minutes to plan out what you need to accomplish will actually save you time in the long run. Spend a few minutes asking yourself what is truly important and what will give you the greatest amount of satisfaction. Next, figure out which tasks are urgent, and need to be completed immediately. Tasks that are both important and urgent will help you clarify your priorities, so that you can…

Create a “To Do list”. By physically writing down a list of tasks you need to complete, you’ve established your priorities as a concrete reality instead of vague nebulous thoughts floating around in your head. Get in the habit of using organizational tools to keep track of plans. A day planner, a smart phone app, or even a pocket sized notebook will do. When you keep a clear list of your priorities in front of you, you’ll be motivated to get them done.

Eliminate your time bandits. How much time each day do you spend checking your email? How important is it to keep up with everyone’s Facebook status updates in real time? Do you really need to answer that incoming text immediately? Multitasking has become the norm in 21st century culture, but dividing your attention between multiple sources substantially decreases your productivity. If the things that regularly distract you are important, work them into your “To-Do” list, which you’ll use to…

Develop a routine. Human beings are creatures of habit, and we’re comfortable with what is familiar. It’s not easy to shift your focus away from your time bandits when they’ve already become established behaviors. By incorporating them into your schedule, you’ll establish more productive habits, and once this pattern becomes a routine, your productivity will skyrocket, and you’ll able to enjoy the extra free time you’ve created.

Reward yourself with leisure time. By establishing more productive habits in your life, you’ll find that you have more time to focus on other things, like your family, your interests, and your hobbies. You might be tempted to keep working, to continue to get more done, but spending some time to do the things you truly enjoy will help reinforce your new behaviors, and prevent psychological burn out.

It’s never easy to change a behavior when you have a lifetime of bad habits working against you, so it’s important to stick with your new action plan. Keep working diligently at implementing these time management tips, and soon enough, you’ll notice lower levels of stress, higher levels of enjoyment, and more satisfaction in your life.

16 Feb

Use of Pet Medications on the Rise


Every day some people take a handful of pills – one for high blood pressure, one for high cholesterol, maybe even one for arthritis. The associated costs for prescription drugs can be costly. Imagine the family member that requires several medications is actually the family pet. More and more people are putting their pets on long term health care regimens, which often include prescriptions.
The Guffords in North Carolina spend a lot of time and money on their 12-year-old dog. Brownie is diabetic – he gets a blood sugar check and shot of insulin daily. He also takes pills, mixed into a bowl of tuna and canned carrots. Brownie has been medicated for several reasons in the past year: diabetes, infections, high blood pressure and upset stomach. He has also been medicated for anemia and a spider bite.

Brownie’s owner, Ann Gufford, told local press that “He’s our baby, he’s a family member, I would want somebody to do that for me.” Gufford has spent an estimated $5,000 keeping Brownie healthy.

Pets are now medicated as much as their owners, or more in some cases. They are medicated for the same health problems people have – arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes… Pets have even been medicated with Prozac or Valium. Owners sometimes get prescriptions for their pets filled at regular pharmacies, or even pay with health insurance.

Pet drugs are becoming big business. Americans spent $2.9 billion on pet drugs in 2005, increasing the market by half since 2000. The FDA has approved over 40 new drugs for pets in the past five years.

Your dog can now take diet pills like millions of Americans already do. Slentrol, the first approved ‘slenderizer’ for dogs, was approved in January. You can also place your pet on chemotherapy, which could cost $3,000 over three months.

As with human medication, some pet medications are discovered to be harmful. Rimadyl, originally for humans, was approved by the FDA to treat dogs’ arthritis. Rimadyl ended up causing kidney and liver damage, and has been linked to 3,000 pet deaths.

Pet medication is tested on a few hundred animals, so side effects may not be known until after they are on the market. Also, a drug may be fine for cats, but not dogs; or a drug could be dangerous to specific breeds. Over 700 drugs are used for pets even though they have not been approved for that purpose.

Pet health insurance is also becoming readily available. Veterinary Pet Insurance, based in California, currently has 400,000 policies. The premiums are about $30 per month. By 2010, the market could climb to $500 million.



Yahoo News

Thank you for reading up to this very end. For my next post, I will be discussing products for the skin. I will be starting with a vitamin c serum for face. I hope you stay tuned in this page for more information.