27 Feb

Animal pictures on Tee-shirt


Animal pictures on Tee-shirt

Animal picture are just everywhere these day days. Who does not love a soft, furry and cuddly animal? Well everyone does. But how about the carnivorous ones with blood dripping from their jaws who have just torn open the gut of a lesser animal? Many people even do love this side of animals. You know what you call these people? Well they could be called brave, courageous or even sadistic. Some people go for animal pictures imprinted on their clothes especially tee-shirts. These choices of the animals tell a lot about the personality of the person. It is like they are giving an insight into the mind of that person. As you cannot keep a carnivorous animal as a pet you can post his picture on your shirt.

Why people wear such Tees?

Everyone have their own view about why they wear such clothing. One reason is that they love animals. The other reason is that they think that putting them on their clothes is like conveying a message either about animal safety or their own personality. A very widely practiced belief is that one should not wear anything made from the skin or fur of animals. Instead they can adorn themselves with these animal pictures. This is better than having embellishing one‘s self with any accessory derived from animals which may have caused them harm in any way.

What do each animal portrays?

Putting your priorities in your clothing has been in vogue for a long time now so if you like animals you can inscribe them on your clothes. The most popular animal pictures on the clothing are on the tee-shirts. This is not 100% true but to a large extent our likes and dislikes depicts our personalities. We all have listened to people calling themselves as cat person or a dog person. This means their affinity with a particular animal tended to classify them in a particular class. For example a cat person is considered neurotic, philosophical and creative. However a dog person is more social, outgoing and friendly.

How true is that?

Well, who cares how true is that. But one thing is that with animal pictures easy to transport on shirt; it will be a lot cooler for animal lovers who want their favorite animals everywhere even in their clothing. This way they will be able to have them photographed and then printed on their favorite Tees. Adorning a white or any other colored plain Tee with your favorite animal over it or a collage of your picture pasted along with animal pictures will create a unique and appealing look. This Tee can go well with both genders. Male and female both can go for it. Even kids clothes can be decorated with these favorite animals pictures if they have this much affinity with the animals.



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