11 Nov

​​Business Attire with all multicoloured straps for every occasion you prefer!

On this trip of searching waterproof watches, the Daniel Wellington watch turns out to be most widely talked off the product. Filip Tysander being a founder of Daniel watches has been serving British gentlemen and other women with their incredible styling watch. This man had an early wish of wearing a vintage collection watch, which has allowed innovate this Daniel, watches over time. Now you might be more curious of purchasing these watches, so let’s move out and grab some more ideas.

What is the design all about?

These collections of watches were designed with an idea of old NATO straps. Designers felt this mixture to be quite effective in watch collection. Their demand was to have simply a design of watch that is elegant and also without having too many features. In fact, this collection of watch comprises of different patterned iconic straps from the NATO having different colours. Slowly and steadily Daniel developed this beautiful and elegant collection of the watch with a thin and refined model.

Types of strap you get:

  • The NATO strap: The concept of this type of strap genuinely comes out from the old 70’s. In fact, they comprise of interchangeable straps that are a combination of varied colours. Thus these watch straps can suit any occasion you are going for.
  • The Leather strap: Though being an interchangeable strap client can easily change them as per their mood. This leather straps are made from genuine leathers and can be selected in variant styles and colours. Usual colour being available is brown and black with silver and gold brace.

Services being offered by Daniel Wellington:

  • Products being offered are all of the excellent quality with variant features and coloured
  • Watch is designed in a way such that they can easily go with any of the thin straps and your outfit.
  • Easy return and exchange policy are afforded such that clients can get their straps or braces of watch changed whenever needed.
  • This watch genuinely has a 40 mm of classic collection and 38mm of a draper. Thus it suits the clients whichever style they choose to wear.

Is this watch waterproof?

This is the prior question that everyone thinks of asking. Thus the only answer to this is that yes, they are waterproof. It genuinely provides a protection of 3ATM against water, which is a lot less than Norsejord, another minimal watch. But certainly, the protection being served is not completely. Thus you should probably avoid a complete contact with water when you are taking a shower, bathing, swimming, etc. But if unfortunately, your watch gets in contact with water, then the warranty period won’t help you out. Thus it’s safe to keep your watch aside.


Are you planning to have all time suitable range of watch then definitely you would prefer this Daniel Wellington watches? A fascinating feature of this watch is that you can easily wear them out on every occasion. No more wasting of money over different watche collection. Simply go and purchase them at your affordable rate.




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